Lots of you lovely readers told me how inspired you were after seeing my Summer Reading List 2016 and my (rather ambitious) Summer Holiday Reading List, so I’ve put together a list of what I’m reading this Autumn – some I’ve already finished and some are on my must read list. I hope this helps if you have any bookworm friends to buy for this Christmas, or if you just want to treat yourself!


The Secrets of Happiness – Lucy Diamond

A super easy read, it’s about two sisters who rarely see each other and a family emergency brings them closer together. I’ve read Lucy Diamond books before and they’re always lovely uplifting reads, perfect for when you need to unwind. This book won’t change your life but it will improve your mood.

A Quiet Life – Natasha Walter

This one is pretty special. It’s about a young american woman who moves to England and marries a spy then once he is found out she needs to evade capture as a spy herself. It’s all about her political and emotional awakening as well as how society likes to stereotype, she can hide in plain sight because she is an upper class mother. There’s a couple of moments in this book that will have your heart pounding, though it does start slow.


A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf

I’ve never read this and I feel that as a creative businesswoman and a mother it’s something I should read. A classic by Virgina Woolf, it looks at the reasons why there are historically more male writers than women. I must admit that I want to read it because I am always with the kids – a room of my own sounds idyllic.

The Muse – Jessie Burton

I picked up this book based on how pretty the cover is and saw it was by Jessie Burton so I had to have it. I loved The Miniaturist and hoped this would be as good. It’s really well written and throws you wholeheartedly into the different eras it covers, making you fall in love with the main characters. It also makes you think about how differently immigration is viewed depending on status, gender and race. It’s one I’m holding onto because I might read it again. And I really do love the cover.


The Virgin Gardener – Laetitia Maklouf

This is an old book that I got from the library, it immediately inspired me to get out into the garden. It’s one that instagrammers everywhere would enjoy – lots of beautiful ideas for bringing plants and flowers into the home when you don’t have space outside. It’s also just as accessible to me as a garden lover as it would be to someone just starting out.

The Bedside Book Of The Garden – DR D. G. Hessayon

Sticking with the gardening theme, I’m also re-reading this book and thought it was worth a mention because it’s such a great read for anyone who likes gardening. It has bits about famous gardeners, famous gardens, the history of different types of gardens / plants, wildlife and how to’s. It’s one of those books that you flick through and find something interesting each time and that really does make it perfect for beside the bed. A perfect christmas present for any gardener or any lover of the outdoors.


Let me know in the comments what’s on your must-read list, I always need new books!