Love Life Outside – Week 19

The past week has been incredibly hot so we have mainly been playing in our garden or at the beach, we didn’t want to sit in the car for any length of time. I also gave myself a case of sunstroke so have been trying to take care of myself by making life easier rather than overdoing it. We’ve got months to visit all the places I’ve been saving for nice weather days, I don’t need to squeeze them all in now! And the kids can have fun wherever we are!

Paddling Pool

I mentioned last week how I felt like a proper runner again because I’d been out running on my own rather than pushing Evan in the mountain buggy, this week I decided it was time to dig out my Garmin watch
and time myself. I only ran for two miles but was pleasantly surprised that my pace was 8:39 for the first mile and 8:10 for the second mile, I don’t think I’ve ever been that fast (and I’m faster than my husband – for now!) so all those buggy runs must have improved my running! Now I’m thinking of signing up for a race so watch this space.

  • Hours outside: 39
  • Runs: 2
  • Special Trips: 0

I go by what hours I’ve been outside in a week because I’ll normally take Evan somewhere in the mornings and play with Annie in the garden in the afternoon but Annie’s been outside a lot more than I have this week because she’s been back and forth to our neighbours garden happily playing for hours over there!

If you’re here looking for the weekly Friday feature that I normally post with my update, I’m sorry I haven’t done one this week. I promise I won’t be so lazy next week haha!