Quitting my own business and going back to work

I feel like this has come full circle now, I previously wrote about how I started my creative businessquitting my job to run a businesstime management tips and my struggle with childcare while working from home. Now I’m writing about my decision to close my business and go back to work doing something similar to what I was doing before I had children.

The main reason I wanted to stop running the business is that it got a bit too repetitive for me. My most successful product were the wedding dress hangers, so during the summer months I’d have long days and even longer evenings working. It was also really stressful during those busy times. When I was on holiday in October, holed up inside during Hurricane Matthew, I was answering work emails on my phone and realised I needed to take that stress away. The day I got home, I checked for vacancies online and found the perfect job and the following week after a very stressful interview, it was mine. I like to think it was meant to be.

That’s the short version anyway. When I first started the business my only aim was to make enough money so that we could move closer to family while I looked for a new job – it was never meant to be a permanent thing. As you all know, it took off and I was able to just run the business and be home with my two children for almost 4 years. I set up the blog in 2015, just as somewhere else to be creative and that ended up earning me a little bit of money too. I considered quitting the business and blogging full time but thought that would be too risky so decided I would start looking for part time jobs when Evan started preschool in January 2018. After the stressful Summer of 2016, I was ready to quit the business sooner than planned. But it all happened quite a bit faster than planned so I’ve had 6 months of working part-time (four days a week, with an hours commute each way) and running the business in order to get rid of most of my stock. Now I can finally say I’m done running my own business. That’s not to say I wouldn’t start up something again, I’ve enjoyed being my own boss, just maybe not something so seasonal!

Going back to working for someone else is challenging but in a good way, my job is tough, I have to think and problem solve and be creative. I’ve learned something new every day. The best part is that I can leave work there. And that I get to drive around the Lake District regularly.

The kids have settled well with this new way of life. Evan has always been quite clingy with me, I’m his favourite person and that hasn’t changed. He hasn’t gotten any worse though and he loves nursery so I’m happy. Annie started school in September so there was quite a lot of change for her in a short space of time. She punished me at first – just little things like wanting her Dad to put her to bed or pick her up from school – but it was noticeable to me and Stu, I’m used to being the favourite parent! I think it was just her way of coping, I’m glad she’s as close to him as she is to me. I’ve been off for most of the Easter holidays with her so she’s very happy with me at the moment. Even though it’s been a little difficult with Annie, I’m really excited for this new chapter in my life and I’m really proud of the time I’ve spent at home with the children over the past few years.

Parenting is a juggle for everyone, the stay at home parent might be feeling isolated and be making sacrifices to be able to afford to stay home, the working parent feels guilty that they don’t spend much quality time with their child during the week and the working from home parent gets the best and worst of both worlds. I’ve felt all of the above at times but feel like now it’s my turn to do something different. For me that’s working part-time plus the blog, the business is no more. For now.