Lavender is my favourite herb by far, it smells amazing and looks pretty. What more could you want? I regularly add a bit of lavender oil to Annie and Evans bath in an attempt to encourage sleepiness (it’s never worked for my kids but it smells nice!) and I’ve started using a lavender sugar scrub which is so nice for the skin. I made it myself using the basic scrub recipe from here but ended up deviating from it quite a bit – here’s how I made my lavender sugar scrub:


  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil (any oil can be used)
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil (and a few teaspoons of lavender buds to make it prettier!)


Mix it all together and just keep going until you have a consistency that you’d like – if you’d prefer something rougher add salt instead of sugar and if you want it smoother add more oil. Put it in a kilner jar and you’re done! If it’s a gift for someone, add some ribbon and a few sprig of lavender to make it beautiful.

lavender sugar scrub

Lavender is coming to the end of it’s growing season so it’s time to prune it ready for next year (instructions here), I did mine today and potted up a few cuttings too. I’ve never taken lavender cuttings before but I found a picture step-by-step tutorial on the gardeners world website so hopefully I’ve done it right and I’ll have a garden full of lavender next summer. I think I’ll be using the spare lavender to add to a sugar scrub but for now I’m just enjoying the smell of it drying on the mantlepiece.

taking lavender cuttings