Summer holidays

It’s official, school is over, Annie is no longer a preschooler. She will start a new school in September and will be attending full days, I can’t quite believe I’m going to have a school aged child. She’s ready for it though and I know I’ll enjoy the extra time to myself. If I can keep Evan in his afternoon nap routine, I’ll get two child-free hours every afternoon. That may not sound like much to most people but I only have 9 child-free hours at the moment to run my business so my quiet time will be more than doubled. Very exciting. I might start sleeping when the baby sleeps or something wild like that, if I can still get away with it when he’s nearly 2.

Last day of preschool

Last day of preschool

But first we’ve got the summer holidays to enjoy – this is what we’ve got planned:


She needs a break – she always gets cranky towards the end of a term and this term has been no different. I’m looking forward to a few slow mornings with her so she can recharge a bit. And not having to do the school run will be a bonus for me!

Playing with Evan

He is at such a cute age at the moment, he’s talking all the time and following instructions a bit more (apart from ‘get down’) and even though there is still a lot of fighting, there’s been a lot more playing together lately. She loves that he can say her name and he will copy what she does or says, so this summer will be good for a bit of sibling bonding (between fights, obviously).


We’ve got playdates planned each week with her cousin so that my sister and I have a bit of regular childcare (I’ll mind my nephew one day, my sister will mind Annie another). They hardly see each other during term time so they’ll both love seeing more of each other.


We live by the Lake District so we’ve got plans to visit a few of out favourite places – Fell Foot and Wray Castle will both feature I’m sure. We’ve also got plans to meet up with friends who live a bit further away too. I’m excited to have the freedom of being able to go out somewhere for a full day rather than having to fit it in after preschool. She’s completely different away from school and I love seeing her enjoying nature so we’ll be outside a lot.


I can’t turn down work during the summer holidays, it’s wedding season and as I make wedding gifts I can’t really get around having to work too. I have added a notice on my Etsy page that I may take longer to reply to messages and that my waiting list may increase but I’m hoping to still fit in work a few days a week. I’m still paying for Evan to go to nursery for two mornings a week so there might just be a bit of iPad or TV time for Annie while I work. Her best friend is also our neighbour so when she’s around they’ll happily play together while I work – and when Annie goes next door that’s a huge bonus!

Me time

This year I’ve been trying to cut myself some slack and give myself the time to do things that I enjoy, so I’ve been running regularly, reading more and working in the garden lots. Most of this happens when Stu comes home from work so the summer holidays shouldn’t affect my hobbies. I will need them to keep me sane trying to juggle the kids and work! I’m running a 10k in September so my main goal is that by the end of the summer holidays I’ll be able to run 6 miles – my furthest so far has been just under 5 miles so I’m almost there.

Let me know in the comments what you’ve got planned or what your goals are for the summer.